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Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

We have grown as a company since the time we started. We may be a small company in a big market but we have worked with some of the biggest organisations in this country and already have a decent reputation for being a company that delivers great quality on scale. That being said, we need to grow quicker still and at a massive scale. We believe that if we keep doing the right things strategically and in our execution, nothing can stop us from being the most admired & sough-after company in the executive training space – admired for our ability to deliver great training quality on a large scale.

If we do this, there is potential for each one of us to grow financially, intellectually and emotionally – all while doing great work with amazing people in a fabulous environment. Can you think of anything more to ask for as far as your work life is concerned? For every person who joins us, it is important for them to know what we expect from everyone on the team.

01Maintain open & transparent lines of communication
  1. If you have any issues/problems/teething troubles, DO NOT keep it to yourself.
  2. Feel free to speak with the person concerned, your immediate boss or bring it to Swapnil or Ruchira. Do it face-to-face or on email – whatever makes you comfortable. Our job is to ensure that each one of you are happy and are enjoying the work that you are doing. So don’t hesitate or wait even for a minute.
  3. We may not have solutions to everything or agree with your point of view always, but we will at least tell you why we are doing things a certain way.
  4. Most problems between people & teams occur because we tend to assume and jump to our own conclusions. Keeping your concerns to yourself tends to make a mountain out of a molehill.
  5. Please learn to communicate directly, yet politely to each other.
  6. Ask questions & clarify doubts. If you don’t agree with or understand something, ask questions. Do not start a project or task without getting as thorough an understanding on it as possible.
  7. Be bold & fearless. None of us, including the management, know for sure what’s right and wrong. Hence, don’t always assume that what your manager or super boss is saying is right. Please question just about everything. Think for yourself. We want independent thinking people, not people that will quietly nod. However, once we take a decision on something, please buy into it and work whole-heartedly towards the same. Never ever be scared to express your opinion or point of view. Never be scared of looking stupid in front of people.
  8. Being open in communication involves being good at giving or taking feedback.
02Take ownership & responsibility
  1. Once a task is delegated to you, it’s your responsibility to get it done. If you need help, advice or a go-ahead on something, please follow up internally till you get what you want. Never ever say “I mailed you & you didn’t reply, hence I couldn’t stick to the timelines.”
  2. We believe in a no-excuse culture. Once a task is given to you, put heaven and earth together to make it happen.
  3. Once a job is given to you, the person delegating should feel confident that it will be delivered in a world-class manner.
  4. Each one of us operates more or less independently with total freedom to do things their own way under their managers’ broad guidance. We cannot grow by creating too many dependencies.
  5. Be switched on all the time. For Work Better to grow at a quick pace, we need all of us thinking about how we can get better or grow faster. That’s the thought that needs to be on your mind constantly. We need innovative ideas from all of us.
  6. Treat Work Better like your own – once you are involved with the company at that level, your best will automatically come out.
03Keep learning & growing
  1. Sleep smarter than you woke up.
  2. We are a Learning and Development organisation. The one thing we must do at all times is to become better ourselves. Please treat your personal development as a priority. Find the time to expose yourself to good reading material & videos.
  3. Our cumulative abilities as individuals are basically the ability of Work Better as a company. That’s why we take learning & self-development so seriously.
  4. Are you becoming a better version of yourself at Work Better? If you are not, you are failing us and we are failing you.
  5. Learning and growing yourself is your personal responsibility. Please don’t rely on the system or your manager for it.
  6. One of the best and continuous ways of learning and growing is the feedback that you get. Please solicit feedback from your immediate boss and peers all the time. Keep asking them to tell you how you to better ourselves and your tasks. In the same spirit, help others learn by giving them feedback.
04Be sincere. Give a 110% to the work that you do
  1. Giving your best to the work that you do is one of our key expectations from you. We want every person to really apply themselves to the job they do.
  2. You should honestly be able to look into the mirror and say that you gave your best, however big or small the task.
  3. We don’t care as much about the final results as we do about your attempt towards doing great work. We hire people only because we believe they have tremendous potential. If we believe you are not meeting your own potential due to insincerity, we would be seriously disappointed, and it would also reflect in your appraisal and could be grounds for possible termination. Simply said, Work Better does not tolerate insincerity.
  4. There are lots of companies where mediocrity and not giving your 100% will be tolerated. If the work that you do is not a very important part of your life, we are not the right place for you.
05Keep the bigger picture in mind & think long-term
  1. We want to build a great training company. The goal is to be the best in the business, leading to all of us prospering both professionally & financially.
  2. Look at this as a long-term association – an association to build something great, for you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  3. Think beyond your specific job profile. Think from the company’s perspective; think like an “intrapreneur”. Keep an eye out for what we are doing right, what we are not and what needs to be done. Bring your ideas/thoughts/feedback forward with absolute transparency. Feel free to bring up screw-ups or shortcomings on anything or anyone related to Work Better.
  4. There may be times when you are probably involved in work that you may not necessarily enjoy. Out of the 10 things you will be working on, there will always be those 1–2 odd things which may not be the most exciting for you. What you must do is always keep the bigger picture in mind.
  5. Have realistic expectations and goals for yourself and Work Better as an organisation. Remember companies like Facebook and Google are an aberration to the normal and make for a miniscule percentage (not even 0.5%) of companies which see such great success in such a short span of time. Most careers & companies become great over years of focused efforts.
06Walk the talk [The most important expectation of them all]
  1. Since we train people, we ourselves are expected to do what we train others in. If not, it’s kind of embarrassing, right? For example, we can’t expect a client to trust us to train their people on Sales, if we have not trained our own to sell well.
  2. Sweat the small things out and ensure that we get all things right, specially stuff like our communication, time management, customer service.

What to expect in the first 3 months at Work Better

While there are many organisations that let people take it slow in the first few months while they get a hang of the company and how it works, we at Work Better function differently. Remember that your first 3 months at Work Better are crucial.

If things seem like they are under control, you are just not going fast enough.Mario Andretti

Today is difficult, tomorrow will be worst but day after will be beautiful.Jack Ma

The first few months at Work Better are often the most difficult for people who come on board but once they have been through the first 2-3 months, they end up loving this place and spend a considerable amount of time here. The following section is to prepare you for the journey ahead. Through your frustrations over your first few months here, please refer to this section constantly. Know that some of what we do is with method, and mostly things are done out of our madness! Work Better is a rocket ship – we are growing by 100% a year. We are a startup that’s supposed to grow 5 times its size in one year. There are a huge amount of advantages as far as joining a startup is concerned, which will be communicated to you during the induction. However on the flip side, people don’t have TIME. People are too busy doing real work & getting things done. Therefore, expect the following over your first 3 months at Work Better.

  • Our fundamental belief is that most learning happens on the job, mixed with feedback.

    Everything we do with you in the first 3 months stems out of this belief that you learn the quickest when you get on to the job as early as possible. Therefore, we will throw you at the deep end of stuff as early as possible. You may, in fact you will in all probability, feel a little lost to start with. The feeling that we hope most of you will have is that of drowning in work that you don’t know how to handle. And then every day you learn, you ask, you struggle, you abuse us secretly and get the work done. Wrestle with the problems and challenges thrown at you. It’s not going to look pretty; we don’t expect it to. But once you are out of the first 3 months, you will feel confident to handle anything, war included.

  • The words that you hear the most at Work Better are Needs to be world-class, and FIGURE IT OUT.

    The only way people learn is by solving their own problems [refer to Elon Musk’s writing on this]. In the knowledge economy, you are paid to use your grey cells, which includes solving problems. Also, your boss and peers will be flooded with so much work that they won’t have the time to solve your problems, which means “Figure it out” are our go-to words.

  • You need to start bringing in value from day one; or at least by week one.

    We also don’t have the time for this to be a school where we need to teach you everything from scratch. We just don’t have the time. If you are an intern, you better bring your smarts along. If you are an experienced person, you better bring your expertise & maturity to the table. Either way, get with it or get out of the way.

  • People here are not rude;
    they are just busy.

    They are really busy getting the job done and working towards their own and the company’s goals. People may come across as slightly curt to start with, like most busy people do. It may also mean they won’t have enough time for you. Learn to live with that. This works as a real advantage later on because no one has the time to interfere in your business. You get a lot of freedom to operate.

  • Depending on what your background is, you may come with certain expectations

    Of how your first few months should be. You will judge your experience here in the first week based on what you have been through. Our suggestion is – DON’T. This place is uniquely mad. Comparison is the killer of joy. However, feel free to share best HR, first day, first month practices with us.

  • Infrastructure-wise things may or may not be in place on the first day

    If it is, please thank the HR team. If it’s not, please harass the HR team. Either way, figure out your own stuff from Day 1 at Work Better. This is no place to feel shy. The more you assert yourself from the start, the more we love you. Our pace of growth means we run out of office space every 9-12 months. Thus, infrastructural problems are a reality here.

  • You will buddy up with

    It could be someone junior or senior to you. The buddy is essentially your guide till you find your feet. You could have multiple buddies during the first few months. Please don’t think of it as you reporting to multiple people. It’s your training at Work Better. It’s also about multiple people in the team getting to know you and how you work. If that’s not ok with you and your ego is so large, maybe we are not right for each other.

  • Building relationships &
    trust takes time

    Please don’t expect immediate camaraderie with your team or boss with the word go. It may or may not happen. Usually, when you spend long hours working together, it ends up building one day at a time. All our people have been asked to make newcomers feel completely at home. If only they actually listened to did so! 😉

  • Be ready to give and
    take feedback

    We have a very feedback-heavy culture. We expect leaders and peers to give and take feedback all the time. All feedback, whether positive or negative, is given to make you better. That’s the sole intention. Please don’t take the feedback personally. It’s given to serve you and the larger good. Share your feedback with us too – your immediate boss or Swapnil. We may not always agree with your feedback, but we will appreciate and respect it.

  • Our jokes are bad,
    but our hearts are clean

    Depending on where you have worked previously, you may find our jokes over lunch not funny. Starting with the CEO, you may hear “non-corporate” language used often, so to speak. None of it would be directed at anyone. Most of it will be in jest. However, we know it may take you aback. If anything makes you uncomfortable, please let us know.