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When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves. If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on. Sheryl Sandberg

Welcome to Work Better Careers. Before you begin exploring career opportunities with us, we would like to give you a heads up that working at Work Better Training is highly infectious, in a good way. If you are one of those rare professionals with the following characteristics, then you have landed on the right page!

  • You like to create rather than follow
  • You are sincere towards your work
  • You have the ability to think differently
  • You know how valuable people & relationships are to the organisation’s growth

Our hiring process is simple. If you really are as good as you claim to be in your CV and are seriously interested in working with us, we will make you a part of our ever-growing Work Better family. Therefore before you apply, please focus on what you write in your CV. Every word you write will be measured against your performance. We are a relatively small but dedicated team made up of extremely smart people and we would love to grow our pack, but we do not and we will not compromise on quality.

Check out our list of current openings and apply. If you are interested in a profile other than the ones open currently, please email your detailed CV (in Word or PDF) along with your areas of interest & specialization to careers@workbetterindia.com or talk to us at +91 70457 79454. Our hiring team will get in touch with you.

What Are We Looking For In Our People?

We know exactly what kind of people we want to be a part of our team. We also know who the ones that we do not want on our team. Therefore before you apply, please read through the following sections very carefully to see if you fit the bill.

We are looking for-

what are we looking for
  • People who are interested in doing great work.
  • People who want to do stuff that could change the world or at least change the way executive education & training takes place.
  • People who want to make a difference to other people’s lives in a big way.
  • People who are entrepreneurial.
  • People who are independent thinkers.
  • People who are bold in nature and are willing to speak their mind, politely and respectfully.
  • People who have a dream and have the guts to pursue those dreams vigorously.
  • People who look at their achievements from the prism of the work they do and by the contributions they make.
  • People who hold themselves by very high standards.
  • People with common sense – loads of it.
  • People who love making money, for themselves and for the company.
  • People who take their work seriously. Not themselves as much.People who are well-read and interesting to talk to.
  • People who do justice to their own potential. What you contribute to us in terms of money doesn’t matter as much as you contributing your best work.
  • People who are keen to learn and develop themselves on a daily basis.
  • People who are passionate.
  • People who are focused.
  • People who join with the intention of working together with us for what is probably a lifetime together.
  • People who love the space of learning and development.

Who should not even care to apply?

If you feel compelled to post updates on your feed and know what your friends are doing on social media every half hour, please don’t even care to apply. The work we do here is fun but needs a tremendous amount of focus without such distractions.

If the name of the company matters more to you than the nature of work you do, you should not apply to us. Before applying, ask yourself what’s more important to you – sitting in a glitzy office and taking comfort in the fact that you work for some big corporate name doing mundane work or doing meaningful work that makes a difference every single day?

If work is something you do just to pay the bills, then this is not the place for you. We need people who are extremely passionate and who define themselves by the quality of work they do.