Soft Skills and Behavioral training


Drive business results through real & sustainable skill development

We emphatically subscribe to the fact that every corporate endeavor should yield results. Thus, we plan & execute all the aspects of your learning initiative with a focus on the end result you want to achieve. Our ‘Result Focused Approach’, coupled with the below facets, is the reason why some of the biggest names in various industries choose to partner with us.

Partner with us to –

Get business results through real, Practical & Implementable Learning Solutions.

Any learning initiative you undertake is with the intent of having the employees apply the learning to their job, to improve performance. Unfortunately, most of the training companies turn corporate training sessions into theory loaded academic classes. It’s no surprise that the learners’ performance doesn’t change, even an ounce, post the sessions. We fully understand this frustration among the corporates and therefore, keep everything highly real & practical.

We hate using complicated theories and unnecessary jargons.

We speak your executives’ language and in the way they would understand it best.

We facilitate learning that can be immediately applied to their job. We ensure this by-

  • Understanding the real challenges faced by your executives.
  • Mapping facilitators who thoroughly understand your industry; know what works and doesn’t work, and have experience working in the same.

Get India’s best facilitators and content.

A good facilitator and content are both key to ensuring effectiveness of any learning initiative. We ensure that you get the best facilitators in India who are domain experts, understand your industry & challenges well. We achieve this through our rigorous 4 phase trainer selection process STEP that has enabled us to empanel 300+ highly passionate & adept facilitators across India.

Also, our team of handpicked content specialists are experts in the areas of soft skills, behavior and instructional design. Our content specialists integrate subject matter expertize with workplace dynamics. We lay huge focus on up skilling trainers and bringing about a standardization & strong alignment of trainer, content & client to ensure the project’s success.

Get effective blended learning solutions.

We understand the way today’s busy professionals prefer to learn. Pressed for time. Constant work pressure. Tech savvy. Always on-the-go. These are some of the realities of today’s professionals. We are totally in sync with these realities and therefore offer a truly ‘blended learning’ solution to you, instead of a relatively less effective ‘unimodal’ one (only classroom based ILT).

Blended learning essentially complements the traditional classroom based facilitator led learning by various online & mobile learning tools. Today’s professionals want to learn on-the-go taking in bite sized inputs (micro learning) rather than long sessions. Thus our solutions offer a fusion of the benefits of blended as well as micro-learning, so that you and your employees can make the most of the learning initiative.

Classroom & outbound learning : via world class expert facilitators

Online learning via edX & WB Insights

Mobile learning via myCoach

Experience true Active Learning

We employ learning mechanisms that are truly meant to develop professionals and in the way they learn best.

We employ ‘Active Learning’ in its true sense. Active learning is a model of learning where the facilitator truly facilitates learning by encouraging the learners to actively participate in brainstorming, reading, writing, discussions, analysis, synthesis, activities & various problem solving exercises, to learn through self and group discovery rather than passively receiving inputs from the facilitator.

We follow the 80-20 principle where in the facilitator presents insights & concepts for only 20% of the workshop duration; while 80% of the workshop duration is for the participants to ideate, discuss, brainstorm, present, indulge in role-plays, activities, exercises, learn from peers and much more. Facilitator does what he in actually supposed to do – facilitate and not sermonize.

4 plus

Work Better Training & Development has been doing extensive work across industries PAN India. The quality and standard of our trainings have set us apart in
the training domain. In our commitment to delivering high standards in all our training workshops, we have rolled out a Work Better 4+ Rating Guarantee Model. As one of our
valued clients, we think it’s important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and the high level of excellence we strive for in everything that we do.
Our confidence in our workshops & trainers is the framework on which the 4+ Rating model has been established.

The 2 parameters under which this model will operate are:

01 Overall Program

02 Overall Trainer

How we work?

We are strong advocates of learning initiatives being linked to concrete business results, and that the learning has to lead to ‘real’ development of people & organizations. Therefore, based on our years of experience of working with diverse industries, we have developed the holistic ‘Result Focused Learning’ approach, where the focus is on achieving results, through thorough diagnostics & impactful workshops backed by robust learning sustenance & measurement mechanisms, rather than the ‘conduct workshop & forget’ approach.

  • Result Focused Diagnostics & Customization
  • Result Focused Active Learning Workshop
  • Result Focused Learning Implementation
  • Result Focused Learning Measurement

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