Advice for Corporate Women Who Travel

Stress Management 22nd December 2016 Sonali Chakraborty

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The new age, corporate woman travels extensively to discover new frontiers and pursue myriad business opportunities. Over the last decade, there has been an astounding rise in the number of women who travel for work. They often have to travel alone to far out places which can be stressful. So, here is some advice for corporate women who travel extensively and exhaustively. You can significantly improve the quality of your trip with the parameters of safety, comfort and panache all ticked off.

Pack right and light

Most women find it difficult to strike the right balance between packing too much or too little. Always make sure that you are capable of handling, maneuvering and lifting your luggage all by yourself on your work trips. Unless you plan on asking for help every time you haul your luggage, make sure you pack only what you alone can carry. Carry miniature toiletries, use zip-lock bags for accessories and medical-aid instead of bigger boxes, suppress your inner fashionista and do not getting sucked into an “I need a new outfit for every meeting” mind-set.

Safety concerns

Women are still faced with a distinctive set of circumstances when it comes to safety. Nevertheless, with some discretion and precautions, you can significantly reduce their chances of experiencing safety-related issues during their trips. If you need to check into a hotel, book the ones which have strong security and surveillance cameras. Pre-program the numbers of the local police, your hotel and travel assistance provider into your phone for quick reference. It is also not a good idea to wear flashy jewelry or carry a lot of cash in public places. Use your credit card instead.

Respect for religious and societal variances

An intrinsic part of corporate traveling for women is paying attention and adapting to the cultural background of the place you are travelling to. Tailor your behavior to fit into those that culture. Avoid doing anything that you cannot imagine a local woman doing. For instance, do not follow strangers to out-of-the-way places or venture out late at night for it might compromise your saftey. Also, adapt your dressing style to suit the cultural background of the place you are travelling to, to ensure that you have a hassle-free trip.

Avoid a burnout

Eat properly, snack at regular intervals on healthy goodies, drink sufficient amount water and sleep for a minimum of eight hours. Avoid junk food as it burns you out faster, especially when you are running between meetings or trying to win that new business. Staying away from sodas high on sugar content and heavy food on work trips, especially on flights also helps.


Always give one family member or friend a copy of your itinerary in advance. Include your travel details, accommodation and a general schedule of where you will be on which dates. Check-in often either through calls, texts, emails or regular Skype chats. Even if work gets hectic and a handful of meetings to attend, make sure you keep a consistent schedule. Staying in touch is a way to reduce fears and stress of loved ones. If you get into trouble, they would be able to locate you easily than if you had been vague about your whereabouts.

That does not go to say that corporate travel entails only work and worry and no fun. Enjoy all your work trips – they are windows to new learnings and open your horizons for more professional success.


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