Suraj Agarwal

Suraj Agarwal

Content Development

Suraj joined us in the Human Resources team straight out of college. With his exceptional creative skills, he soon found his calling in the Content Development team. You will find him, for most part of the day, hidden behind his laptop practicing his inert knack for Instructional Design.

He is a graduate in Human Resource Management from Hinduja College, Mumbai. He is passionate about writing and self-development which actualizes through his work.

Suraj appreciates good humour and has a laugh that can crack up even the most sombre person in the room. He will also be the loudest cheerleader for your success, which is a rare quality to find in such a competitive world! He is a big-time movie buff, an avid bibliophile, and a reclusive blogger. He enjoys watching daily soaps with his mom every night & proudly owns a fish named Grammar!

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