Prem Shah

Prem Shah


Prem joined our Inside Sales Team with a one year prior experience as a Business Development Executive in Oriflame. With his efforts and passion, he has now graduated into a business development role at Work Better.

He has done his Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University and is currently juggling between Company Secretary and Bachelors of Law.

He follows the mantra of "Hakuna Matata" which means 'no worries" and strongly believes to smile in the toughest of the situations.

Along with being a food junkie he is also a big cricket fan, a complete movie buzz and a huge facts lover. He will always have some new facts in his pocket every day to entertain everyone. His hobbies include reading fiction and he even writes short thrillers too. He is a complete house party guy and dances best on the tunes of Govinda.

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