Remember these 5 Phone Etiquette at Work

Business Communication 4th April 2017 Ruchita Badruka

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Mobile phones are a necessity today and one can’t cut off from either the device or the internet. While you and your phone may be inseparable at all times, you still need to be a lot careful when at the workplace. You might think you can do as you like, but you’re being watched for your phone etiquettes, whether or not you like it. So, here are a few phone etiquette at work that you must follow else you run the risk of being called unruly and impolite.

Speak quietly

Why must you belt out when you’re on the phone? Speak as softly as you can if you’re sitting in an open office. You don’t want the entire world to know you’re ‘busy’ talking or reveal the content of your conversations with clients or friends and family. If you think you can’t grow out of this habit then go to a meeting room. You can speak on speakerphones if you like. At least this will not bother those around you who are working.

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Find a private spot to make personal phone calls

It’s nearly impossible to not use the phone to make personal calls at work but avoid as much as you can. You do not want to be seen joined at the hip with your smartphone. Take a break, step out for a walk so that no one overhears your conversations whether it is about you love life, office politics or your expert counsel to friends and family. Make the best use of coffee breaks or lunch time.

Don’t interrupt a face-to-face conversation

Whether you’re walking in the corridor or sitting across the table with a colleague, maintain an eye contact. Don’t play with your phone, pick a call or text or scroll through social media feeds. It’s extremely annoying to not have someone’s attention when they’re being talked with. It is a basic courtesy to pay full attention and an important phone etiquette at work. Excuse yourself if you can’t continue the conversation, but never make your phone come in way of establishing professional bonds.

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Don’t leave your phone unattended at your workstation

Sometimes we forget to put our phone on silent mode and to top it forget it at our work station which is not a problem except it could ring and annoy the starlights out of your colleagues. The solution is: set your phone to a custom mode as soon as you enter the office or choose a somber ring tone with minimum ringer volume. Better still, let your calls go to voicemail if you’re stepping out for a meeting and don’t want to take your mobile phone with you.

Don’t use your phone when in a meeting

You may be attached to your phone, but just don’t use it in a meeting or try scrolling it under the table. Everyone can notice what you’re up to. It is not only uncourteous but also distracting for those in the meeting, especially if you have clients over or have someone give a presentation. In doing so you convey that they are unimportant and you’re not interested in paying attention. You should look more engaged and respect others who’ve also like you taken out time for the meeting.

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Don’t answer any calls in a meeting

Think about this. You’re chairing a meeting and attendees (some) storm out of the room out of will to attend/make calls. How would you like that? Detest it, right? Because it breaks the flow and distracts the speaker(s). You must stop doing the same. If you have an urgent call to attend then excuse yourself. Alternately, you can inform in advance that you may have to take a call during the meeting.

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From now on, remember to stick to these phone etiquette at work. Staying away from constantly checking your phone isn’t as difficult as we make it seem in our head. Do you agree?

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