Recruitment Tips: Five Kind of Employees You Want to Hire from the Indian Cricket Team

Business Communication 25th November 2016 Neeraj Deshpande

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There is no organization as diverse and difficult to manage as the Indian Cricket Team. The amount of pressure to perform individually and as a team is immense. On the positive side, if the Indian team has managed to maintain its apex position in the world of cricket is because of the right mix of players we have today. Each player comes with a typical character trait which should get you thinking. One look at the team is enough to draw recruitment tips.

Each player’s skills complements every other’s and that’s what makes it work. Similarly, organizations need to find the right mix. Not everybody can be a superstar like Kohli but each team member has to pitch in and give their best shot like an Amit Mishra or an Ishant Sharma does. Interestingly each organization is like a cricket team in itself, fighting for the top spot in their own fields. So which are the players that you would like to see in office every day?

The Dhonis

A very obvious choice for leaders. These are the people you would like to have when it matters the most – the shrewd planners with ruthless execution. They will carry your plan through with precision. Hard times will not demotivate them. They are calm-headed and have common sense to take the right decision.

The Kohlis

The warriors. They don’t like the number 2 spot. They won’t rest before hitting their target numbers. For an organization to succeed, you need people who are energetic and go-getters by nature. Even on their worst days, they will be better than the most of the others in the team. They are, in fact, the most apt for sales positions.

The Dravids

The stabilizing force. These are the rock solid walls you need to have when external forces are hitting you left, right and center. When a customer is not happy or the market is tumbling, you need somebody who will create enough confidence in the team to weather the storm. If a customer is irate, they are the right choice to handle them. You can rest assured that the customer will go back with a smile on their face and faith restored in the organization.

The Kumbles

They are the true work-horses who don’t get tired or dejected even if they don’t see immediate results. Ones who will come every day with the same level of enthusiasm and patience. For all they are, they will focus on the smaller things that need to be fixed in order to create maximum impact. Another thing is that they don’t crave for appreciation and take success as well as loss equally well. Suited more for operational jobs, they will ensure smooth functioning of the organization.

And last but certainly not the least.

The Gangulys

To get all the above kind of employees, you need somebody with a vision and an eye for talent. Sometimes the organization may not agree with you, but if you know a person is the right fit for the organization, you need to fight to get them on board. Create the best team possible, and also spread optimism among teams. These people are best suited for leadership and HR positions. You need them to form teams that will take your organization to the top.


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