6 Reasons You Need Mental Strength At Work

Decision-making & Problem-solving 20th October 2016 Sonali Chakraborty

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According to most mental health professionals, workplace environment does have a significant effect on an individual’s mental well-being or mental strength. Although it may be difficult to quantify, but considering a substantial part of the day is being spent at work, the work environment can either promote or be detrimental to one’s mental health. In today’s competitive world, it is important to be psychologically strong so that difficult situations at work are dealt with determination to get through them.  If you’re not strong mentally, it can come in the way and toss you everywhere you don’t want to be.

Here’s why your mental health should matter to you.

You can overcome self-doubt

When you have a task in hand, sometimes it is natural for feelings of self-doubt to creep in. However, when it becomes a regular feat, it hints upon the fact that you need to go a little easy on yourself. Questioning the likelihood of your success is good, but in the process telling yourself you can’t isn’t. When you are mentally strong you can talk yourself out of such pangs and move forward with confidence.

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You open up to re-educating yourself

In this day and age when every other second there’s a new discovery, new technology and new algorithms seeing the day light, it is important to catch up. You can do so only when you understand that the process of growing/evolving involves learning, unlearning and re-learning. Accept change and become more experimental, which doesn’t happen when you’re mentally not strong enough.

You manage your emotions well

In your professional journey you will experience highs and lows and blows. But someone who is mentally strong knows how to withstand the test of time. Such a person is able to recognize the fact that failures are temporary and one can definitely start from scratch. They don’t dwell in the ‘what I should have done right’ phase that can often cloud their judgement. Instead, they try again and even if they fall, they muster up the courage to keep going.

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You accept where you went wrong

Because there’s no shame in it. Everyone makes mistakes and is the first step towards accepting you faltered somewhere. Refusing to accept mistakes or making countless excuses as to why things went wrong or pinning the blame on your colleagues eventually holds you back. You stay hung-up on it and do not grow out of it and learn from your mistakes.

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You like taking challenges

There are very few people who would want to leave their comfort zone and take up challenges. But it is your mental strength that gives you the courage to face your fear of the unknown. When you’re feeling strong from the inside, you deal with discomfort as if it were not enough to dislodge you. Even when it does, you are strong enough to not get bogged down by it. You accept change and don’t brood over the loss of easy days of the past.

You become a better judge

Throughout your career, you will have people around you to guide you or you will be surrounded by well-wishers who want to advice you in situations good or bad. If you’re aware of what you want and are focused (thanks to your mental strength), you will listen to everyone, but do what you think is in the best interest of your professional life. You will also learn to deal with criticism, whether positive or negative.

Just remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Do not stop unless you must. Obstacles are inevitable; be resilient and do not let yourself get extremely affected by setbacks.

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