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Learning Through High Impact Videos & Video Courses

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What is vlearn?

vLearn is the latest tech offering by Work Better Training, in line with our constant endeavour to bring about innovation in learning. With vLearn, we convert all organizational learning into highly impactful and engaging videos and video courses.

From soft skills and behaviour to product and process training, we will create customized learning videos, just for your organization. The videos will be made in an exciting format with the aim to not only capture the attention of the learners but also to help them retain information better and for a longer duration of time.

What you get is a bank of customized videos which can be used multiple times in a classroom, and through e-learning & mobile learning platforms – that is a fabulous return on investment for the organization!

Why Video-Based Learning?

  • 64%

    working professionals report watching more work-related video this year compared to last

    Kaltura Report

  • 66%

    companies report an increased budget allocation for video technologies in their organization year on year

    Kaltura Report

  • 59%

    of senior executives surveyed state they would rather watch a video than read text

    Forbes Insight

  • 75%

    more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles

    Forrester Research

  • 62%

    Gen Y employees expect to use video as a means to communicate and share information


What kind of videos will we create?

01 Role play &
Scenario Videos

In this category, we will story board, script and shoot client specific, scenario-based videos on varied micro-learning concepts. These videos can then act as reference points for learners to imbibe the best practices to be followed in a particular scenario. For example, a role play video showcasing the best practices on dealing with an angry customer, or a video depicting the best way for salespeople to pitch a product or handle objections.

02 Point &
Shoot Videos

In this format, subject matter experts are video-recorded while explaining certain concepts to impart knowledge and skills. These videos are then edited, by our team of content and videography experts, to further enhance their impact with relevant graphs, text and images.

03 Information

This format of video is created to disseminate information on particular products, processes, and micro-learning topics on soft skills & behaviour. For example, a video acting as a step-by-step guide on using a particular software, or a video on how to manage stress effectively.

04 Animation

Helping make learning more fun and engaging, the videos under this category will convert & present learning concepts in an animated format. Moreover, all the above mentioned formats can be created in the form of animated videos too.

05 Video

Video courses are an amalgamation of all the 4 types of video formats mentioned above to create a full-fledged course on various concepts across topics and functions – soft skills and behaviour, and technical modules. Think of it as a blank canvas that can be filled with any specific knowledge in the form of a course for your people to learn from. These video courses can also be integrated into your LMS.