Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Strategic Account Management & Development

2 days

About the Program

Do you wonder how to protect and grow those 20% of your customers who give 80% of the total revenue? Are your salespeople skilled enough to manage & grow such critical accounts? Do you have a clear strategy laid out for each of your key account?

Most businesses recognize the opportunities when the competitor is already using them. Zino Davidoff

Key account management, if done well, can catapult your business to new heights, but if not, it can wreak havoc on your sales target & growth. Identifying and managing strategic accounts with a dedicated effort and strategy is extremely critical for every business. The sales team and the management, both require a certain mindset & skill set to manage & grow the key accounts. A well designed strategic account management training program can help you just achieve the same.

‘Strategic Account Management & Development’ is a specialized 2 day training program that equips sales people with the critical skills & mindset needed to manage and grow key accounts.

How will it help you?

  • Clearly define the key accounts for your company & appreciate their criticality.
  • Understand & develop the mindset & skills needed for strategic account management & their growth.
  • Use a structured process & device strategies to penetrate, grow & retain key accounts.
  • Learn practical tools & tips to be used on a regular basis for key account management.
  • Identify the personality type of different stakeholders in your key account & adapt yours to build rapport.
  • Learn how to align the management levels in your company with that of the key account.
  • Develop an actual ‘Key Account Management Plan’ for one of your live key account to be replicated for others.