Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Selling to HNIs & UHNIs

2 days

About the Solution

Do you find it difficult to reach your HNI/UHNI prospects to set up meetings due to their super busy lifestyle? Do you find yourself struggling to articulate the right value propositions to get their buy-in? Do you find yourself stuck in a spiral of follow-ups without knowing when the deal would close?

Show class; have pride; and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself. Paul Bryant

The market for products & services targeted towards HNIs & UHNIs has never been more promising than today. Although lucrative, selling to them calls for a specific skill & mind set. HNI & UHNI prospects are typically strapped for time, highly aspirational, have an eye for long term value and a strong desire to be unique. Sales people need to acquire the right kind of skills and adapt themselves to the needs of this segment to be effective in selling to them.

Selling to HNIs & UHNIs is a specialized 2 day workshop that equips sales people with the appropriate skills & mind set to effectively engage and strike deals with HNIs & UHNIs.

How will it help you?

  • Master the art of reaching the HNIs/UHNIs and scheduling a steady stream of meetings.
  • Develop the right skills, attitude & knowledge to build deep trust & long term relationships.
  • Learn tips & techniques to identify the unique characteristics, interests, common business/social network to connect with the prospects.
  • Learn to understand their aspirations & goals by engaging in deep meaningful conversations.
  • Identify the personality type of the prospect & adapt yours to build rapport.
  • Learn to present solutions in a way that aligns them to prospect’s aspirations & goals.