Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Mastering Negotiation Skills- ProPlus

2 days

About the Program

You have been in umpteen negotiations so far and won those coveted deals, but now is the time to get that extra edge by further sharpening your negotiation skills?

Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiateJohn Kennedy

In today’s highly competitive business environment where bagging a deal is becoming an increasingly complex affair, a negotiator needs to master superlative negotiation skills to negotiate a positive outcome and build long term relationship. A seasoned negotiator not only needs to have the cognitive strengths but also the emotional robustness to negotiate a successful deal.

Mastering Negotiation Skills-ProPlus is a specialized 2-day training program that enables experienced negotiators to further sharpen their negotiation skills.

How will it help you?

This negotiation skills training program will help you:

  • Increase self-awareness and identify areas of strengths & improvements.
  • Create strategies to build on your strengths and minimize the areas of weakness.
  • Use frameworks and techniques to prepare for complex negotiations at senior levels.
  • Build skills and strategies to manage conflict.
  • Evolve new strategies to negotiate in highly complex & high stake situations.
  • Gain better insights into the emotional & psychological aspects affecting negotiations.
  • Hone advanced mirroring approaches to build strong rapport and long term relationship with client stakeholders.