Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Managing Channel Partners

2 days

About the Program

You have a slew of channel partners but how do you motivate them to promote your business profitably? How do you build long term mutually beneficial relationship with your channel partners?

Success in channel sales is amplified by one crucial factor; the strength of your relationship with your customer or prospect. Xerox

Driving sales through channel partners can exponentially increase your products/services reach and revenue. However, selling through businesses that are not directly under your control can pose unique challenges. It calls for a specific kind of skills & orientation in channel partner management.

‘Managing Channel Partners’ is a specialized 2 day training program that empowers your Channel Partner Management team with the skills & knowledge required to drive profitable business through the channel partners.

How will it help you?

  • Clearly appreciate the role channel partner management has to play, and the skills & knowledge needed for the same.
  • Apply a structured process for managing your channel partners.
  • Learn to build long term business relationship with channel partners.
  • Learn to have structured business discussions with the channel partners on key business metrics to ensure win-win proposition.
  • Use robust & structured review mechanism to keep track of channel partner performance and take necessary actions.
  • Coach the channel partners’ sales team & management to market your products effectively.
  • Gain the skills to keep getting profitable business from the channel partners.