Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Leadership Excellence in Sales

2 days

About the Program

How do you motivate the sales team to give their best to achieve the sales target? What are the best ways of coaching the sales team to bring out their full potential?

You don’t build a business, you build people, and then the people build the businessZig Ziglar

While a lot depends on the individual sales person’s skills & abilities to bring in the business, a lot more depends on the way the sales team is led. A sales leader’s role becomes extremely critical in motivating, coaching & guiding the team towards attainment of the sales goals. Along with robust selling skills, it is very critical for a sales leader to attain sales leadership excellence, which can be achieved by focused training inputs on sales leadership, through programs like these.

Leadership Excellence in Sales is a specialized 2-day sales leadership training program that will help sales leaders bring out the best in their sales team to attain the sales targets & exhibit sales leadership excellence.

How will it help you?

This sales leadership training program will help you:

  • Hone the key leadership qualities needed to drive sales productivity through a team.
  • Set clear sales goals that motivate team members to push themselves harder.
  • Establish a structured review framework & process to keep a tab on the sales efforts & the results.
  • Identify the different personality types in your team and adapt your approach towards each.
  • Learn how to give effective & timely feedback to team members to develop & motivate them.
  • Become an inspiring sales coach who brings out the best in each team member.
  • Identify what motivates each sales person and leverage the same to drive the team towards achieving results.
  • Learn to handle difficult team members.