Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Influence to Win

2 days

About the Program

Do you want to be able to get your prospects more aligned to your value proposition? Do you want to get adept at garnering your internal departments’ support to work out that critical deal?

The ability to influence people without irritating them is the most profitable skill you can learn. Napolean Hill

Influencing skill is a must to help you win deals in today’s complex and hyper competitive business world. You need to align and get things done from a lot of clients, as well as, internal stakeholders to secure mutually beneficial terms and commercials. A structured training in develop influencing skills, helps you achieve the above and more.

Influence to Win is a specialized 2 day influencing skill training program that empowers the sales people to be more confident, influential & persuasive to win more business.

How will it help you?

  • Understand the importance & application of influencing skills in sales.
  • Align the prospect with your product’s / service’s value proposition.
  • Garner internal support to structure the deal in a way that it betters the chances of winning.
  • Get agreement from client’s procurement/operations team on mutually beneficial contractual, payment & operational terms.
  • Get your ideas and proposals considered seriously in meetings & other forums.
  • Identify your own influencing style.
  • Identify the personality type of the prospect to determine the best way to influence him.
  • Learn various techniques of influencing.