Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Art of Selling- ProPlus

2 days

About the Solution

You have worked in sales for few years and now feel, in order to graduate to the next level, you need to upgrade or learn advanced selling skills? You have mastered the basics of selling and now is the time to imbibe advanced skills to win bigger & more prestigious projects?

Good salespeople are not born. They are trained.Dave Kurlan

Tough markets require tough sales people. With the constantly evolving business landscape, buyers becoming more demanding and sales cycles turning longer than ever, sales people have to continually acquire new skills to win business. In order to win larger and complex deals, experienced sales people need to imbibe higher order skills.

Art of Selling-ProPlus is a highly experiential 2-day workshop, which helps sales professional hone advanced selling skills to win and retain big deals.

How will it help you?

This workshop will help you:

  • Reflect upon certain self-limiting beliefs in sales, formed over the years, that constrain realizing your full sales potential.
  • Identify your areas of strength & improvement in sales, and device strategies to build on the strengths and work on the improvement areas.
  • Effectively assess ambiguous business opportunities and plan a structured approach to advance the same.
  • Engage & sell to a diverse set of stakeholders at senior levels.
  • Develop skills to probe prospects on strategic issues to unearth high value long term business opportunities.
  • Learn advanced techniques to address objections with a structured approach, using psychology.
  • Analyze customer’s body language and use the knowledge to advance business opportunities.
  • Develop advanced skills & knowledge to move opportunities towards closure and win business.