Soft Skills and Behavioral training

case study

Art of Collaboration – Increasing Personal Effectiveness

A leading Indian private sector bank.
Learning Objective
Achieving seamless interdepartmental collaboration by maximizing proactive communication & minimizing dysfunctional conflicts, to ensure end-customer delight.
Target Audience
Junior & middle level executives from the Credit Appraisal Department (CAD).

our solution

Work Better (WB) deployed its signature Result Focused Learning Approach to help the client meet its business objectives. The approach involved:
  • 01 Result Focused Diagnostic Study A robust, multi-stakeholder diagnostic study was conducted which included diagnostic meetings & calls with the relevant stakeholders across diverse teams within the bank to get a thorough understanding of the various challenges faced by the CAD that hindered the smooth execution of the loan disbursal process.
  • 02 Result Focused Active Learning Workshops Based on the diagnostics result, WB experts designed bespoke active learning workshops to upskill over 250 members from the CAD in effective communication, conflict management, managing emotions, collaborative working, and proactiveness.
  • 03 Result Focused Learning Implementation A customized 3-month learning implementation program encompassing daily micro learning tools in different formats was devised to reinforce learning & bring about real change in participants’ behaviour & skills.


  • Post the intervention, the bank observed that the Document Pendency Rate (DPR) decreased by 31%.
  • The bank observed a significant improvement in proactive communication and collaboration between CAD and other departments.