Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Managing Time for Professional Excellence

1 day

About the Solution

What are the characteristics of high performers who manage time to their advantage? To what degree do time management skills impact professional excellence and help improve results?

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.Stephen R. Covey

Hectic work day filled with frequent interruptions, and problems that demand attention – in a fast-paced, high pressure corporate world, time is the most valued commodity. Professionals, nowadays, have more things to do than they have time for. In such a scenario, becoming more productive means finding ways to accomplish more with the limited time resource.

Managing Time for Professional Excellence is a 1-day workshop that is designed to improve time management skills in order to enhance productivity and reduce anxiety among professionals.

How will it help you?

Managing one’s time more ably is one way to achieve the goals. This workshop will help you:

  • Identify aspects of planning.
  • Prioritize goals and activities clearly.
  • Monitor one’s own progress on project(s).
  • Remain organized.
  • Develop positive time attitude.
  • Arrest propensity to procrastinate.
  • Foster a mindset to work efficiently.