Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Managing Rapid Change

1 day

About the Solution

How can we stay relevant in a rapidly changing world? Is it possible to pick up the right signals of change and harness it for betterment?

Our only security is our ability to change.John Lily

Today’s fast paced business environment brings in the elements of risk and instability. All the uncertainty accompanying change poses a challenge for employees saddling them with anxiety and stress. This might be evident in their attitude towards work and negatively influence their productivity.

Managing Rapid Change is a specialized 1-day workshop that will equip you with tips, tools and techniques to shorten the denial phase and confidently adapt to the changing environment.

How will it help you?

It might be a tough task to manage change, but it is not impossible. You can make the best of the situation by taking a reflective approach and looking at the positives. This workshop will help you:

  • See change as an essential element of self and organizational growth.
  • Approach the process of change from a problem solving perspective.
  • Draw a clear demarcation between fixed and growth mind set.
  • Build capability to deal with ambiguity and risk.
  • Understand that adapting to change is not technical but attitudinal.
  • Welcome change as a learning opportunity.
  • Identify and overcome apprehensions.
  • Understand core theories supporting change management.