Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Better Decision Making & Problem Solving

1 day

About the Solution

Is decision making a subconscious and intuitive art form or a systematic scientific process? What are the factors that influence decision making?

Life is the sum of all our choices.Albert Camus

Decision making and problem solving involves the ways in which humans interpret problems, search and combine information to reach a conclusion. In fact, different human beings will try to solve a particular problem with different approaches, apply different cognitive skills, comb through different types of information, and hence will arrive at different decisions.

Better Decision Making and Problem Solving is a specialized 1-day workshop that will help you to achieve better outcomes by developing skills in analysing problems and making appropriate and the best decisions in various situations.

How will it help you?

In a complex and fast changing business environment, decision making by managers is inevitable. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the process of structured thinking.
  • Make optimal decisions in complex circumstances.
  • Look beyond hope and guesswork to understand, calculate and manage risks.
  • Think rationally and not let emotions cloud the ability to make bold decisions.
  • Reduce the possible disagreement among stakeholders.
  • Build positive emotions to increase creative problem solving capability.
  • Understand practical tools to break ambiguity or uncertainty.