Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Managing Gen Y

2 days

About the Solution

Why is it necessary to understand the difference between generations at the workplace? What are some of the unique challenges in dealing with the Gen Y? What should you do to manage Gen Y more effectively?

Leaders who fail to embrace, manage, and develop cohesive teams that thrive and succeed across generational differences will soon succumb to constant conflicts, silos, separatism, low morale, stagnating performance, and inconsistent productivity. Ty Howard

With the growing number of Gen Y in the workforce, leaders have to look for ways to tap the innovative thoughts and ideas of the Gen Y and convert them into pragmatic and concrete solutions to problems. Managers have to play an active role in moulding the behaviour and actions of the Generation Y to achieve the organizational objectives.

Managing Gen Y is a specialized 2-days workshop that will help leaders understand the needs and expectations of the Gen Y employees and strengthen their capabilities to lead them more effectively.

How will it help you?

It is increasingly becoming important for managers to successfully streamline the energies of the Generation Y into the right direction to increase productivity. This workshop will help you:

  • Overcome generational stereotyping about upbringing, work values and potential
  • Review and identify the strengths, weaknesses and areas of further development
  • Identify the common mistakes while managing Gen Y
  • Provide resources and opportunities for development
  • Set high achievable goals, make realistic plans, providing feedback and motivation to achieve goals.
  • Build effective communication channels and develop supportive relationships.
  • Be more approachable to increase transparency.