Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Leadership Essentials for Mid-Management

2+2 days

About the Solution

What skills are needed by leaders to adequately deal with organizational challenges?

Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.Peter Drucker

Leaders should be skilled at asking the right questions, rather than holding themselves to the impossible task of being all knowing. They have to unlock the mystery of working in a dynamic business environment with diverse set of people and bring organizational development to the next level through elements of shared vision, strategy, operations and tactics.

Leadership Essentials for Mid Management is a 2+2 day intervention wherein mid-level managers will undergo a 2-day training program on the essentials of leadership at their level, followed by a rigorous 3-month Result Focused Learning Implementation plan that reinforces the learning through real-life implementation of the concepts, followed by 2 more days of classroom intervention that encourages peer-to-peer learning from real-life challenges faced by the participants during the implementation phase.

How will it help you?

Today’s leaders need to acquire a set of capabilities and competencies that will enable them to implement their vision and lead effectively. This workshop will help you:

  • Develop self-awareness, appreciate individual differences and close gaps by looking at similarities.
  • Hone your ability to anticipate by constantly being vigilant and scanning the environment to gather better information from a diverse set of sources to stay one step ahead of the game.
  • Search for and optimise the deployment of available resources.
  • Improve your ability to challenge by focusing on the root cause of problems rather than symptoms and carefully examining them through many lenses.
  • Improve your ability to interpret through keen observation and seeing the big picture.
  • Enhance your ability to decide through a disciplined process that balances rigour with speed and information and taking into account the short- and long-term goals.
  • Improve your ability to align and finding common ground among disparate stakeholders through proactive communication, building trust, and frequent engagement.
  • Improve your ability to learn by promoting a culture of inquiry in an open and constructive fashion.