Soft Skills and Behavioral training

case study

Customer Service Excellence

A leading Indian watch brand.
Business Objective
Standardization of service across retail outlets.
Target Audience
Frontline sales executives.

our solution

Work Better (WB) deployed its signature Result Focused Learning Approach to help the client meet its business objectives. The approach involved:
  • 01 Result Focused Diagnostic Study WB conducted a robust two-step diagnostic study involving –
    •  Multiple rounds of diagnostic meetings & calls with the relevant stakeholders within the company to garner comprehensive insights into their expectations & the desired business outcome.

    •  Mystery audits at the client’s retail stores in multiple cities helped WB experts understand on-ground challenges and the skills & knowledge gap to be plugged to achieve standardization of service levels.

  • 02 Result Focused Active Learning Workshops Based on the diagnostics result, WB subject matter experts designed bespoke active learning workshops to upskill over 1200 frontline service officers & managers at each location. The workshops included activities, role-plays, group discussions & exercises totally customised to the client’s dynamics & on-ground challenges faced by the service function.
  • 03 Result Focused Learning Implementation Bespoke videos, depicting real-life service scenarios, were created for the service staff to ensure on-ground implementation & reinforcement of learning that helped instil sustainable behavioural change in them.
  • 04 Result Focused Learning Measurement Mystery audits were conducted at the previously audited stores across locations to measure the outcome of the Result Focused learning intervention.


  • Mystery audits revealed a marked change in the service quality at a majority of the client retail stores.
  • 3 months after the completion of the learning intervention, the client’s CSAT scores increased by 27%.