Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Impactful Business Communication​ ​-​​​ ​ProPlus

2 days

About the Solution

Do you feel your relationships with internal & external stakeholders will improve significantly with better communication? Do you think the impact of a leader/manager multiplies with the ability to communicate effectively?

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you knowJim Rohn

In today’s knowledge economy the single most important skill that professionals MUST have is the ability to communicate effectively & impactfully. As the professional progresses to higher levels of the organizational hierarchy the need for him to have impeccable communication skills becomes non-negotiable to lead, motivate & drive teams towards attainment of business goals.

Impactful Business Communication-ProPlus is a 2-day workshop that is designed to help professionals develop the next level of communication skills that impact business.

How will it help you?

This workshop will help you:

  • Reflect upon your areas of strengths & weaknesses, and build strategies to leverage the strengths and overcome weaknesses.
  • Appreciate the criticality of the different elements of impactful communication.
  • Appreciate the importance of ‘listening skills’ in communication and how to improve the same to become an effective communicator, team player and leader.
  • Learn how non-verbal elements like body language, voice tonality, etc play a huge role in the effectiveness of communication.
  • Learn to craft impactful messages that inspire the audience.
  • Understand the ‘don’ts’ of business communication