Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Business Writing Essentials

2 days

About the Solution

Do you convey your message in business documents in a clear and concise way without the possibility of misunderstanding? Do you wish to transform the way you write and make it more effective and reader friendly?

Clarity in business writing is not a luxury.Sir Richard Branson

Organizations run the risk of soiling their reputation because of poor quality of writing, more so in today’s digital age, when messages spread like wildfire. Impeccable and clear writing sends the striking message of diligence and quality.

Business Writing Essentials is a 2-day workshop that is designed to help you improve your writing skills and communicate better with stakeholders.

How will it help you?

Because writing is one of the most important and common modes of communication in the business world, skills of poised business writing are crucial to achieve business goals. This workshop will help you:

  • Bring clarity and brevity.
  • Create engaging and memorable style of narrative and pace.
  • Write more effectively and with more confidence.
  • Avoid pretentious empty jargons.
  • Use grammar cogently and avoid common errors.
  • Understand different tones and styles used in reports, e-mails, letters, proposals, presentations and memorandums.
  • Develop & organize impactful communication.
  • Build credibility.