Music: The Best Stress Buster at Work

Stress Management 9th November 2016 Arnold Marques

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Music – the doorway to a new dimension, the magic in monotonousness, the escape our mind seeks when bogged down with humdrum tasks. We probably don’t understand just how important music can be to us who live fast-paced, arduous, hectic lives, but believe me when I say this – it can do wonders!

Most days I find music dominating my time, greasing out the friction and keeping me running smooth, much like oil to an engine. On my way to work, while at work, on my  way back from work, at home and probably many instances in between as well, music is such an integral part of my life that a day without it is unfathomable to me. This thought made me wonder whether people realize how different forms of music can play a vital role to keep them running on all cylinders through the day. This made me want to list down a few music genres and the general scenarios in which they could be really helpful. So here they are:


Now in this genre, I’m not only referring to Club music or EDM (though these seem to dominate among the current generation). I am referring to anything that gets your feet tapping involuntarily and makes you want to close your eyes, let go and just groove without a care. This type of music works well for your morning commute to work, especially on those awful days when dragging yourself to work is a near impossible task (yes, we all have those once in a while).

Easy Listens

This genre comprises of songs that stimulate that ‘feel good’ feeling in you. A dopamine injector, if you will. This kind of music has two effects – first, it keeps your mind at ease, and second, it blocks out distractions and lets you focus. When your mind is in a happy mood, your quality of work and output rate are bound to improve.


When you’re down and out and your brain isn’t functioning at expected levels, that’s when you know you’ve got to take a 10-minute break and tune in to some soul. This works wonders for me when there’s too much to do and a feeling of frustration starts to set in. The calming tunes coupled with deeply meaningful lyrics is a perfect dose to get you back up.


I find this kind of music exceptionally useful when there is a task that requires absolute attention. Sometimes lyrics within a song can be a source of distraction too. That’s not a risk you want to run when working on something sensitive. This is where instrumental is most ideal as it lets you enjoy the music while not letting words distract. In my experience, Piano or Classical Guitar instrumentals are the best so you might want to start there.


I have to admit, this genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it worth mentioning because it’s a really good genre to listen to when the weekend is over and it’s time to prep for the week that is to come (okay, I’m kind of getting this from Brian Tellis on local radio, but that makes it no less true!) Jazz music has this feeling to it that’s difficult to put in words but the experience is just enchanting.

There are, of course, many other genres that I haven’t mentioned which are equally effective in coping with various states of mind. For example, Latin, Opera, Folk, Trance, Rock, Reggae, R&B, and so on. The ones mentioned above work exceptionally well for me. I hope music does for you what it so beautifully does for me. It has to be the best stress buster at work.


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