Lessons from Raghuram Rajan: How to Exit Gracefully

Influence & Persuasion 21st October 2016 Mitali Bose

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RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan, recently announced his decision to quit after his term gets over in September. What came as a bigger surprise was that he will not continue for a second term. If you too have looked up to him then you sure know that there are plenty of lessons from Raghuram Rajan that will stay with us.

The first of the many being that the last impression you leave on people is something that they remember you by, even more than a good first impression. Don’t you agree? It is important that employees pull off their last couple of days/months with as much grace as the first day. You will be remembered as a thorough professional and make your former colleagues hold you in good regard.

Maintain your dignity; do not burn bridges

While there had been rife speculations about Rexit for quite some time, Rajan maintained a dignified silence on the topic, never reacting to all the mud-slinging that came his way. The announcement of his decision to return to academics and not stay on for a second term was done with the highest level of grace and dignity, bringing him the admiration of leaders as well as the masses worldwide.

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Don’t speak negative about your former employers

It is no secret that Rajan and the current BJP government’s ideologies don’t match. In such circumstances, it is commendable how the Governor has never made personal attacks against anybody. His exit doesn’t involve him spewing hatred for the current government; rather he has thanked the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister for their support during his tenure.

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Give adequate notice

With 3 months of notice, Rajan has ensured that he has not only given the government an adequate amount of time to carefully select who succeeds him but also ensured that he has enough time to set things in order for his successor. This is important for your employers as it allows them the time to plan the next steps as well as your handover properly.

Leave things in order

Rajan’s monetary policies have helped the Indian economy recover by reigning in inflation to a great extent. The measures he took in the last 3 years have helped build up our forex reserves. This in turn will help in sustaining the economy and not letting it slump into a depression for some time to come. He leaves the government and his successor with no choice but to thank him for that. It is absolutely essential for employees to leave things in order to make it easy for their successor. They can continue with their work seamlessly, without any glitches.

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In short, one of the major lessons from Raghuram Rajan is to handle trick situations in a way that your true mettle shows. That wins you accolades and a huge fan-following.

*This article was first published in the Times Jobs website.

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