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Drive business results through real & sustainable skill development

The key issue faced by corporate L&D teams today is ensuring how learning interventions are planned & executed to achieve specific business results and high learner engagement. Most of the players in the learning industry today, merely go through the motions of conducting a training workshop without any thought for the business results to be achieved or implementation of learning post the workshop.

In a survey by a global consulting firm, only 25% of respondents said training really improved their performance.
Reason – Companies focused very little on post program implementation of learning.

We are strong advocates of learning initiatives being linked to concrete business results, and that the learning has to lead to ‘real’ development of people & organizations. Therefore, based on our years of experience of working with diverse industries, we have developed the holistic ‘Result Focused Learning’ approach, where the focus is on achieving results, through thorough diagnostics & impactful workshops backed by robust learning sustenance & measurement mechanisms, rather than the ‘conduct workshop & forget’ approach. Also, in this approach we bring to life the most effective adult learning method of ‘Active Learning’, as we understand how professionals learn, retain & apply learnings the best.

Result Focused Learning Approach

Our approach has 4 critical elements, as depicted in the figure and explained below, which we believe are integral to any learning initiative’s success. Throughout the 4 stages, what runs as a strong common thread, is our ‘passion’ and ‘commitment’ to make each element and thereby, the whole initiative attuned to achieve the results desired by you.

  • Result Focused Diagnostics & Customization
  • Result Focused Active Learning Workshop
  • Result Focused Learning Implementation
  • Result Focused Learning Measurement

Result Focused Diagnostics & Customization

Our approach has 4 critical elements, as depicted in the figure and explained below, which we believe are integral to any learning initiative’s success. Throughout the 4 stages, what runs as a strong common thread, is our ‘passion’ and ‘commitment’ to make each element and thereby, the whole initiative attuned to achieve the results desired by you.

A Result Focused Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the basic foundation on which the entire initiative is built and achieves the following objectives:

  • Helps clearly articulate and finalize the business results to be achieved.
  • Understand the challenges faced by the organization and the role holders to be trained.
  • Understand the current state and the desired state of the role holders, in terms of the skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Understand the current practices/processes followed.
  • Understand any other nuances specific to the role holders and/or the organization.

The above diagnostic objectives are achieved through various mechanisms. Some of the key ones are :

  • Face to face/telephonic/video interviews with key stakeholders & select role holders to be trained.
  • Assessments
  • Field Visits
  • Mystery Audits
  • Assignments
  • Study of relevant internal data


We analyze all the insights garnered during diagnostics and present the findings, our analysis of the findings & our recommendations on the solution/way forward in a structured & insightful Diagnostics Report.

B Result Focused Customization

We understand that in today’s time when all industries are in constant flux, having a ‘paint everything with the same brush’ approach would prove to be highly counterproductive. Thus, we offer nothing but highly bespoke solutions which are designed to suit your peoples’ specific development needs & the results you want to achieve. As per your organization’s learning & business needs, we offer 3 levels of customization-


In this level, we customize the content of the various learning methodologies to suit the learning objective & learners’ profile.


In this level, we customize the content of the various learning methodologies as well as the modules, to suit the learning objective & learners’ profile.


In this level, we create altogether new content as per your organizational requirement.

For more details on how we exactly go about the customization at the 3 levels, please feel free to connect with our business development team.


Result Focused Active Learning Workshop

As with the diagnostics & customization phase, we ensure the workshop is also designed to align with your intended business results. We truly understand the way professionals learn best and therefore employ learning methodologies that really work. Research, as well as our own experience of working with lakhs of professionals, has proven that Participatory Learning Methods like ‘Active Learning’ impact professionals the most

We employ ‘Active Learning’ in its true sense. Active learning is a model of learning where the facilitator truly facilitates learning by encouraging the learners to actively participate in brainstorming, reading, writing, discussions, analysis, synthesis, activities & various problem solving exercises, to learn through self and group discovery rather than passively receiving inputs from the facilitator. Thus it puts the onus of learning on the learners making the whole endeavor learner-centric.

We follow the 80-20 principle where in the facilitator presents insights & concepts for only 20% of the workshop time; while 80% of the workshop time is for the participants to actively participate in various learning mechanisms & leverage collective wisdom of the batch, which means –‘Everyone is a Teacher, Everyone is a Student’. Facilitator does what he in actually supposed to do – facilitate and not sermonize. The workshop venue becomes a ‘lab’, wherein the learners research, experiment, invent, hypothesize and do much more on their own, akin to a scientist, to bring learning to life.

Our workshops leverage the following methodologies to ensure highest level of learner engagement & impact:

  • Energizers
  • Individual & team exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Games
  • Idea factory
  • Role Plays
  • Stories
  • Team Activities
  • Videos
  • Brainstorming

The Learning Pyramid

Average Retention Rates

The Learning Pyramid

*Adapted from Naonal Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine


Result Focused Learning Implementation

Most of the time, learners are left to their own accord to figure out the way to apply the learning, post the program. More often than not, learners not only fail to implement the learning but also completely forget the learning. This is mainly because of the absence of reinforcement mechanism and structured post program implementation initiatives.
We are big believers of instituting thorough learning implementation plans, to ensure achievement of the desired results. Through our experience and research, we have found that structured reinforcements and implementation plans, spread over 3 to 6 months after the program, go a long way to make learning sustainable.

Following are some of the time tested implementation solutions developed by our experts and widely used by many of our clients:

  • WB Insights

    Insights is an extremely effective byte-sized learning reinforcement tool to engage participants for upto 6 months after a training program. They are well designed, co-branded emails of not more than 150 words each, discussing micro topics covered during the program. They take less than a minute to read and are extremely effective in retention as well as implementation of the concepts discussed.

  • WB Practice Plans

    WB has chalked out 3-month plans on micro modules covered during the workshop, for learners. These practice plans focus on what the learners need to do for the three months, every single day, bit-by-bit. A schedule is shared with the learners, so that concepts learnt during the workshop can be put to action. This would help the participants to digest and internalize what was learnt during the workshop.

  • WB Coaching Calls

    Coaching calls are designed to address concerns, resolve doubts, queries and give individual feedback to the participants after the workshop. The respective WB program facilitator coaches each of the participants over the telephone.

  • MyCoach

    myCoach is a breakthrough mobile app developed by Work Better which provides personalized coaching to address specific developmental need of the learner. Through the coaching app, the learner can chat via messages with subject matter experts (Coaches) to learn about a new subject, resolve queries and/or address challenges, to improve skills knowledge and attitude. Also, the Coach takes on the responsilibility of providing daily inputs in the form of Tips, Reminders and Motivations to help learners excel at the workplace. To know more about myCoach, please click here.


Result Focused Learning Measurement

Our entire focus through our Result Focused Learning Approach is towards helping you achieve the final desired outcome. You would invest significant organizational resources to plan & conduct training initiatives. At the end of the day, you should know whether the investment has yielded the intended return? Whether the training initiative has met the desired learning & business objectives?
We strongly believe in structured & scientific methods of measuring training effectiveness and help you ascertain achievement of your success measures. To this end, we leverage the highly researched and most widely accepted Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model for all our training solutions. As we progress through the evaluation levels (level 3: Behavior & level 4: Business Result), it becomes extremely imperative for Work Better & your organization to work very cohesively to measure the specific parameters, as there could be many organizational variables and subjectivity involved. We always endeavor to measure the outcomes as scientifically & objectively as possible so as to help you achieve the maximum ROI for your learning initiatives.
Following are few of the mechanisms/tools we use to measure learning effectiveness at each level of Kirkpatrick model. Depending upon the initiative & your organizational dynamics, we keep looking for newer & better ways of measuring learning outcomes.

Levels Measurement Tools

Reaction Structured feedback questionnaire

Learning Pre & post training knowledge, skills & attitude assessment, interviews or verbal assessments

Behavior Participants’ Reporting Managers’ observation and interviews over a period of time

Results Data collection & observation over a period of time.