Soft Skills and Behavioral training


Electronic funds transfer (RTGS-NEFT) (2.09 min)

Cross Sell Business Loans (3.11 min)

Cross Sell Gold Loans (3.06 min)

Cross sell Home Loans (3.47 min)

Cross sell of Active Current Account to asset customer (3.14 min)

Operating Cycle – potential leakages and disadvantages of excessive or inadequate working capital (2.28 min)

Restricted Marketable properties and its valuation (2.50 min)

Sales Opportunity for Tax Saver FD and Home Loan (3.15 min)

Sales Opportunity regarding SB Max Account (3.36 min)

Cross Sell _LAMF (3.07 min)

Importance of Leave (2.55 min)

Importance of Attendance (3.46 min)

Handling of Incognito Visit by RBI (3.17 min)

Ways of Money Laundering — Different Methodologies Used (4.54 min)