Epic and Inspirational Sales Quotes from Hollywood You Should Pin at Your Workstation

Sales & Negotiation 28th December 2016 Workbetter Team

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Movies are not just for entertainment because there are times when lessons ooze out of them. So, we thought we’ll handpick some of the finest, epic and inspirational sales quotes from Hollywood movies to give the salesperson inside you every reason to gear up and meet challenging situations head-on! Are you ready?

“A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing.” ~ Blake played by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross

Keep reminding yourself of what your work requires of you. The more you engrave this in your mind, the better your motivation. You should have a determined mindset and always look to close an opportunity or sell a deal you have for potential customers. Do whatever it takes. Strive. Work on your skills consistently if you know you lack them. Ask for feedback from your manager to avoid making the same mistakes again.

“The key to this business is personal relationships.” ~ Jerry Maguire played by Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire

Sadly not every sales person knows that sales is also about building relationships and not just selling. You have to be patient and courteous and give your customer/client every bit of the attention they demand. Nothing will fall into your lap. Sometimes you will have to chase people and yet make it seem like a coincidence. While it is important to talk about yourself too but bear in mind that their opinion of you speaks for your organization too.

“There is no such thing as a no-sale call. A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell the client some stock or he sells you a reason he can’t. Either way, a sale is made; the only question is who is gonna close? You or him?” ~ Jim Young played by Ben Affleck in Boiler Room

You will agree that no matter whether a sale goes your way or not, at the end of the day it’s a sale. Your aim is to turn the tables in your favor and get what you want. Often times you will interact with people who will disconnect your call the moment you say hello; you will have to knock those doors and be ok with not getting acknowledged; you will have to accept there will be days you won’t make a sale. But one thing’s for sure – if you are persistent in your effort, there’s no way you won’t get through.

“The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.” ~ Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington in American Gangster

You don’t really have to be chatty or a people’s person, really. All you need to be is smart enough to get into your clients’ brains and figure out what they want. Talk intelligently and listen attentively. Understand their needs and then put forth your proposition. Tweak it if required so that it suits their requirements. Gone are the days when someone who talked the loudest and the most won a deal. People are quite aware and particular today.

“Money is not the prime asset in life. Time is.” ~ Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Know when you have to close the deal. Time your actions because it’s critical for you to seize the opportunity before anyone else takes advantage of your absence. Follow-up with clients regularly. Work in tandem with your marketing team and generate a feedback through surveys so that if there are loopholes in sales those can be attended to.

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