5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Personal Effectiveness 3rd November 2016 Richa Borkar

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Employers should think of fitness levels of their employees because it affects their productivity which also affects company’s success. They can be crème de la crème, but if they aren’t fit they’re most likely going to under perform. That creates a domino effect and there’s no way you can quarantine one to protect the others. While they may be struggling to think out of the box to improve employee productivity they tend to miss some obvious things they can do. Here are some changes in management policies they can bring about.

Standing desks

We’ve seen the transformation of offices from closed cabins to open work spaces. Now standing desks are seeing the light of day. They’re extremely beneficial for people who are glued to their seats by the hip. If you introduce the standing desk concept they will at least get off their seat and at least experiment. You can introduce a new section in the office and ask employees to book their spots if they want to see how it works for them. Chances are that 2-3 days of 5 working days you will find them there for it improves their mobility and also productivity.

Encourage them to take more breaks

Make your cafeteria more alive. Get board games like chess or have a small library section with books on diverse subjects. Make it mandatory for them to take breaks not just for tea or coffee. Ask them to go out and take a stroll if they’re feeling burned out because sitting stressed is anyway going to clutter their brains and hamper their productivity. At least when they take their mind off even for a couple of minutes they will come back with fresh mind and different approach.

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Mobile meetings

Don’t head straight to the meeting rooms, especially if these aren’t the ones that require presentations or heavy duty discussions. Instead schedule them either in the office cafeteria or go out for chai or coffee or just take a walk if it’s a one-on-one discussion. Think on your feet and allow the others to do so too. Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs were known for ‘walking meetings’.

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Post office engagement

Ask if employees are interested in joining groups related to dance, music, sports or yoga and meditation or craft and vocational like carpentry. You may have a few talented people who may spearhead such groups or get teachers to involve employees in such activities. After all it’s not just physical fitness, but psychological wellbeing too that should be taken into account. These can be charged depending on the financial situation of the organization.

Don’t give them work on weekends

Maximize their productivity at office, by keeping them work which can be accommodated in their day-to-day schedule. Don’t let their cup overflow and spoil their weekends. May be their cup is anyway too full to take on any additional work. Reevaluate their profile and reassign work and keep realistic expectations because stress can wreak havoc on their physical fitness. As a result they will be on leaves and probably even hate coming to work because you didn’t pay heed to their overall well-being. Having said that, be wary of employees who fake work load.

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Try out bringing a few changes at work. You will notice how relaxed and motivated everyone becomes because major part of their day is spent at work and their well-being to a certain extent is your responsibility.


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