5 Lessons Corporates Can Learn From Cricket

Business Communication 22nd August 2016 Sonali Chakraborty

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India is considered a cricket-crazy nation, where the game is nothing less than a religion. It sells for a billion dollars while the next most popular sport would be lucky to find a bidder. The magnitude of Indians’ love for cricket is as incomprehensible as its feverish intensity. Cricket also throws up many exciting lessons that every corporate can learn from and integrate in their professional lives.

Here are the 5 top lessons for every corporate:

1) Team work

In cricket, it is important for the team to collaborate effectively with each of their important stakeholders, whether it is the players, the management or support staff. When inputs from all are centralized, it helps build a strong tactical team. Team work at the corporate level ensures that no vital information is left out and everyone is involved at the same level. Working effectively as part of a team is incredibly important for output quality, morale, and employee retention.

2) Managing well under pressure

The ability to stay calm and collected with an uncluttered mind is one of the most important virtues of great cricketers, especially captains. This helps in calming the nerves of the rest of the team and ensures that they remain focused and continue to believe in themselves. Our very own captain, MS Dhoni is a lesson for all corporates in terms of his ability to manage extremely stressful work environments. Managing periods of high stress without losing your composure is the key to long-term success.

3) Strategizing

In cricket, strategizing becomes essential as crucial decisions need to be taken with regards to batting order, bowling changes, strike bowlers and batsmen the team will use. The right decisions at the right times turn out to be game-changer for most teams. As William Wordsworth, once said, “In modern business, it is not the crook who is to be feared the most, it is the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.” While you may have a great idea at work, it will go nowhere unless you have a plan. Strategizing helps guide professionals towards success by setting long-term goals and ensuring these goals are met.

4) Diversity in the work you do

In the world of cricket, it is no longer enough to be good in just one format – T20, one-days or test matches. Teams need to develop the ability to perform well across formats. This is what differentiates the great teams from the merely good teams. Corporates today also need to vastly expand their skill-sets to move up the ladder and succeed in a fast-paced and changing economy. 

5) Always Design room for setbacks

Every cricketing team factors in the element that losses can be part of every endeavour and it would be their approach to the next matches that can make or break their game. Similarly, corporates need to always remember to keep room for some setbacks; no plan is fool proof. It is inevitable that from time to time things may not go as planned. However, these are opportunities to learn and rebuild.

The game of cricket is a reflection of all the hard work and tenacity that players put into every match. Lessons from cricket serve as a roadmap which can help corporates pursue their ultimate goals. The spirit of the game transcends the boundaries of business and serves as a reminder of how much more each one of us can achieve!


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