3 Lessons from Indian Sportswomen Who Made Us Proud at the Rio Olympics

Business Communication 9th February 2017 Workbetter Team

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While Indian officials were embarrassing us with their frivolous attitude and absolute lack of responsibility at the Rio Olympics 2016, the contingent of sportspersons from India was busy focusing on what they’d actually gone there for – to compete and do their best. Of these, there are 3 women who not only did us proud and put India on the medal tally, but have inspired many in India to follow their dreams vis-à-vis hard work and perseverance. Here’s what they’ve done right and why they are truly the golden girls for us all! These are the lessons from Indian sportswomen that each one of us can apply in our professional lives.

Dipa Karmakar: Work on your shortcomings

Dipa is the first Indian gymnast to have represented India at the Olympics and made every Indian proud on making it to the top notch lineup. She may not have won a medal (she lost the third spot by a whisker of 0.15 points), but does that matter? She’d already proved her mettle. Her journey was never easy. Other than the lack of infrastructure, there was one more thing which could have forced her to stop dreaming big. Dipa is flat-footed which affects the quality of the jump, but this made her even more determined. She exercised to perfect her jumps and went on to win 77 medals, including 67 gold in various state, national and international gymnastics championships.
You too may have shortcomings. What you need to do is resolve to work on each and make a comeback with your success and prove those who doubt you, wrong.

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P.V. Sindhu: Keep your never-say-die attitude alive

Everything in life demands consistency, which comes only with discipline. Unless you have a disciplined approach, you’re bound to be derailed and everything will come to ground zero. Sindhu reporting daily to her coaching camp which is 56 kms from her home, is definitely a reflection of her dedication to the sport. If you too have set your eyes on something or have a task in hand, make sure you give it everything and not let distractions take you down. Sindhu was without her phone for 3 and a half months before the Olympics. This tells us that she had her blinders on and was gliding in the direction of her goal. She proved her mettle by grabbing the silver medal at the Rio Olympics this year.

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Sakshi Malik: Become thick-skinned in the face of adverse criticism

When you know what you’re doing is right, whether people’s reception is welcoming or not, just keep going. Sakshi hails from a small, conservative village in Haryana and with her hard work, climbed the podium at the biggest sporting event in the world! She said about her victory, “I had never anticipated such an overwhelming response to my victory, considering the hostile attitude they had towards me in all my training years as a woman wrestler.”
No matter if you’re being told off by people around you just know that you have it in you to keep going forward and reaching your goal.

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