Work Better Media


This popular business magazine has often sought insights from Work Better Training to keep their readers up-to-date on the latest in soft skills & behaviour.

CNBC TV18 featured CEO Swapnil Kamat on their highly acclaimed show, Young Turks. He is one of the few entrepreneurs to have been featured twice on the show.

People Matters is the most popular HR magazine in India. They have featured Work Better Training innumerable times for our expertise in the domain of Learning & Development

India's leading financial daily, The Economic Times, has been featuring Work Better & its founders since the inception of the company. From documenting the success of Work Better Training as an innovative startup to regularly seeking our thought leadership on various subjects related to soft skills & behaviour, we've been featured by them over 30 times.

India's oldest financial daily seeks insights from Work Better Training on the latest trending topics in the world of Learning & Development.

Featured by India's most circulated English newspaper for our creative take on soft skills related subjects.

Work Better Training has a dedicated blog on this popular news & opinions website featuring some of our most loved articles.

Work Better has been featured by the most popular newspaper multiple times. Our views and articles have always found positive reviews and a favourable audience.

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